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Broad rimmed hats which shade your neck, ears and face provide the most UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation) protection.


Recommended styles of hats

  • Broad rimmed hats - with a broad rim of 7.5 cm or more

  • Legionnaire style hat - providing the front peak and side flap meet, it offers protection to the side of the face.

  • Bucket hat - the brim should be a minimum of 6cm and it should sit low on the crown of the head

A baseball hat is not recommended, although it protects the nose and forehead, it leaves the cheeks, ears and back of the neck highly exposed to UV rays.


Choosing the right hat

The following are characteristics to look for when choosing a hat that will best protect you from UV rays:

  • Has closely woven material

  • Has a wide brim

  • Does not obscure your vision

  • Is easy to keep on

  • Covers the top of your head

  • Shades the face, back of the neck, ears, nose and forehead

  • Allows air flow through


  Handy Hint.......

 Wear a wide brimmed hat, which covers the top of your head

and protects your face, ears and neck!


Always use a hat in combination with other sun protection measures such as: clothing, shade, sunglasses and sun cream.