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About Sun cream

Sun creams provide protection great against UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation), but to be effective they must be used together with other protective measures - shade, hat, sun glasses and clothing. No sun cream provides 100% protection from the sun.

Sun creams contain chemicals which absorb the UVR or reflect them; The most common types of sun creams are the ones which absorb the UVR.


What to look for when buying sun cream

  • Use a minimum SPF of 15

  • It's water resistant

  • Check the use by date - it is still current?

  • Check it is a broad spectrum sun cream - protects against UVA and UVB rays

  • Check it has a five star UVA rating

Zinc Block

Zinc blocks can be obtained from most chemists/pharmacies, it contains zinc oxide which reflects the UVR away from the skin as opposed to absorbing it like most sun creams. Zinc block can provide additional protection for sensitive areas such as lips, the nose, ears and any moles.


Application of sun cream

  • Apply a SFP 15+ to any skin which is exposed and can not be covered by clothing

  • Apply sun cream to dry skin 20 minutes before you are exposed to sunlight

  • Re-apply sun cream every 2 hours or more frequently if sweated, washed or rubbed off.

We recommend SPF 30+ for:

  • Fair skinned people

  • People with blond or red hair

  • People who burn easily/tan poorly

  • Children under the age of 15 years 

Sun cream should be re-applied regularly, especially after water based activities, physical activity, sweating or lying/playing on the sand as these could all potentially remove the cream from the skin.

An Australian study found that re-application of sun cream increases total sun protection by 2-3 times compared to a single application. Whilst another Australian study revealed that re-applying sun cream 20 minutes after going out side provided up to 80% more protection than re-applying after 2 hours. 

Handy Hint..........

 It is easy to miss exposed areas when applying sun cream e.g. the neck, ears, feet, toes.

Remember to apply two coats to ensure these areas are totally protected and to ask someone else to give you a hand in reaching those hard to reach areas if needed.

Do not use sun cream as a means of increasing the amount of time you spend in the sun.

Remember: Always use sun cream in combination with other sun protection measures such as: clothing, shade, a hat and sun glasses.