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SunSafe Schools Downloads and Links 


SunSafe and Healthy Schools Plus: a guide for planning your project


Here are some examples of existing information / resources which may be of help:

SunSmart Campaign (Cancer Research UK)

Sun Smart has expanded and developed the schools section on its website. The resources include a sun protection policy pack, activity plans, worksheets and materials (including videos, posters and leaflets) for both primary and secondary schools. There's also a page devoted to sports day, covering planning for sports day and what to do on the day to make sure everyone enjoys it and stays safe in the sun.

Sun Safe Schools

Sun Safe Schools provides UK primary schools with a comprehensive range of free teaching resources and policy guidance. This scheme has been developed by national skin cancer charity ‘Skcin’. There is also an on-line accreditation process schools can do to get 'Sun Safe School' status.

The South West Public Health Observatory (SWPHO) Skin Cancer Hub

This contains information to support prevention and early diagnosis programmes, information for children and young people and school professionals.

The SWPHO has published a report on the geographical distribution of sunbed outlets in the UK. The density of sunbed outlets for England has also been mapped on the Skin Cancer Profiles tool.

NICE Guidance 

 “Skin cancer prevention: information, resources and environmental changes” (PH32), NICE 2011 (next review Nov 2013)

The World Health Organization Intersun programme

This includes comprehensive packages of materials for children’s sun protection education including teaching packages and worksheets and links to all sort of interesting education sites around the world.

(Useful doc: “Sun Protection and Schools: How to Make a Difference”, World Health Organisation 2003)

The Melanoma Project

the website linked to the melanoma awareness project DVD.


a really practical site providing school / parent access to sun safety stuff (caps, sunscreen etc.) in a handy sack… and school resources too! (NB commercial site, sells the caps etc.)

Sun Smart (Australia)

excellent Australian website with superb information for both secondary and primary schools including detailed policy guidance.

American Sun Safe site 

detailed American site around sun safety—again lots of classroom resources / ideas